How do I reserve a vehicle?

Here are the steps to reserve one of our vehicles:
Contact us to make sure the date and time is available. The easiest way to do this is to click here and complete the on-line quote request form for a free quote. You can do also call us and inquire about our availability.
If you completed the on-line quote request form, we will send you an email reply with a price quote for our services. Please review that quote and contact us if you have any questions.
Within 3 days of receiving our price quote, complete the on-line reservation which can be found here. (We can later change addresses and most the cases, the revise the duration after the reservation has been accepted.) Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of form and note that a $100 deposit on a credit card is required.
Please contact us 1 to 2 weeks before event to confirm the event details and final payment. We request this just in case something needs be to addressed prior to the day of your event.

What type of seating and equipment are in the buses?

Our buses our equipped with limo style seating and mp3/iPod hook ups along with the best sounding stereo systems. Some of our buses have dance poles, DVD players, and neon lighting.
How many people do the buses hold?
We have several limo buses in our fleet and each one has a different passenger capacity. Please see the Our Fleet page for the passenger capacity of each of our vehicle.
In addition to the vehicles in our fleet, we have access to other vehicles both larger and smaller. Even if it’s not directly with us, we will ALWAYS help find you great, dependable transportation.

Do you travel to wineries and breweries?

Yes, we can take you to any of them in Missouri or Illinois.

Are there limits to your area of travel?

We can take you anywhere you would like to go in Missouri or Illinois.

Is music provided?

No, but we do have mp3/iPod hook ups so you can play you own music or videos.

Can we bring alcohol into a vehicle?

Alcohol is allowed in our vehicles. Everyone must be 21 years of age or older to be in the vehicle, if there is alcohol present.

Are beer bottles allowed?

Yes, Beer bottles are allowed

What about coolers and kegs?

Coolers are allowed in all vehicles. Kegs are allowed in certain vehicles, please contact us for additional information.

Is smoking allowed?

We’re sorry to our smoking guests, but we do not permit smoking on our vehicles. We’ve furnished our vehicles with the most luxurious items available, and we do not want cigarette smoke to compromise the integrity of those items or to compromise the air quality in our vehicles for our nonsmoking guests. We appreciate your adherence to this nonsmoking policy.

Do your buses have a bathroom?

Some of our buses do have a bathroom! Because of disposal and maintenance, there is an extra charge. Please contact us for additional information.

What specials or discounts do you offer?

Our promotional specials change on a monthly basis and the current deals can be found on our Specials & New page.
We also offer significantly lower rates for Sunday through Thursday reservations. Please give us a call if you are interested in reserving a vehicle during the week!

Do you require a deposit to reserve a vehicle?

Yes, we require a $100 non-refundable security deposit for an event.

Where can I find a copy of your contract form?

Our Reservation Form is the contract and a copy of that form can be found is near the bottom of the page.. The Terms & Conditions section of the form is there, look it over carefully.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (all credit card transactions require a 3% service charge), a cashier’s check made out to Riding In Style Transportation, or cash. You may also split the payment to pay part in cash and put the remainder on a credit card. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

When is the balance due?

Balance is due 2 weeks before the event if paying by check. Credit card we try to do week of or day before. Cash can be same day!

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel 2 weeks before the event in order not to be charged for the entire event.

Is there a fuel surcharge fee?

No, unlike other companies, we do not add a fuel surcharge.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are sometimes additional fees for certain features, such as trips more than fifty miles outside of the St. Louis area. All of these will be discussed up front before your trip; there are never any hidden fees tacked on at the end. Many companies do that, but not us. We want you to feel completely comfortable while on the road with us, and to know that we always put the customer’s needs first.

Is the driver’s tip included in the price?

No, a gratuity is not included in the price. We don’t feel you should have to give a good tip if your driver sucks. But if they are good, you should give him or her a minimum of 15%. If you don’t tip, you better have a pretty good excuse on why not.

What is an appropriate tip for the driver?

The gratuity should always be paid in cash directly to the driver at the time of pick up or at the end of your trip. A gratuity of 10-20% is strongly encouraged for ALL trips, unless a pre-determined gratuity has been determined with your sales agent and included in your total balance.

When does our event time start and end?

The event starts when we arrive to pick you up. It ends when the last passenger gets off the bus.

Can you pick up and drop off in more than one location?

Typically, we would like to pick everyone up in one location and drop off in the same manner, but we will do it. Keep in mind, you are paying us by the hour. You will need to arrange this up front, because this will be included in the hours you rent the bus. If you choose to have more than two pick up/drop off locations, we will need the addresses in advance so we can plan a route that is efficient.

What happens if the driver is late due to traffic conditions or other circumstances?

If we are late, we will add time onto the end time of your event unless another event is scheduled after yours. Alternately, we can credit you back for any time that was not used, in most cases.